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If you or your company are interested in increasing the water supply in the US and beyond, contact us today.
About Us

International Water Holdings Corp. is an independent, non-profit corporation formed to identify and promote innovative solutions to address world water problems in a comprehensive manner, addressing both ecological and economic concerns, in ways designed to increase water availability and promote sustainable usage efficiencies and ancillary sustainable businesses, for the good of all affected and concerned.

Actively Pursuing Water Projects

IWH Media 

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Water is an everywhere, everyone problem. IWH is committed in helping to increase the water supply, and move beyond a world where those with power take water from those with less power.

If you are concerned about the water crisis and want to help, your tax free donation will assist in bringing water to people and farmers who need it most. 

Every IWH donation small or large will help, and will have beneficial spillover effects for global warming, the development of local communities, rising sea levels, international cooperation, climate change, job creation, environmental issues and more.

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