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If you or your company are interested in increasing the water supply in the US and beyond, contact us today.
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International Water Holdings Corp. is an independent, non-profit corporation formed to identify and promote innovative solutions to address world water problems in a comprehensive manner, addressing both ecological and economic concerns, in ways designed to increase water availability and promote sustainable usage efficiencies and ancillary sustainable businesses, for the good of all affected and concerned.

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Our water summit “Increasing the Water Supply in Arizona and the Colorado Basin,” in Scottsdale, Arizona, September 21-22nd at the Franciscan Renewal Center, is our next conference focusing on bringing ocean water onto land for the purpose of revitalizing, in this instance, the Colorado River Basin.

We understand this is a mammoth undertaking.  We are well aware of how this should beneficially affect water issues, climate issues, ecological issues and economic issues, as well as others.

This conference will begin to outline that mammoth, and help to develop the pieces necessary to fully complete the animal.

Those who should attend are those who are interested in being a part of the solution to the problems we have created, large and small, specifically relating to water. Anyone who sees the value of replenishing the Colorado River Basin, with an unending supply of water, should actively attend.

We are looking to connect all of the necessary pieces in order to change the landscape of, in this instance, Colorado River Basin wars regarding who is able to take water from others, and instead create a world where all can benefit from working together to solve these issues, and others related to it, for generations.

All who are interested in being part of this solution including, without limitation, governments, financial institutions, engineers, lawyers, accountants, pipe companies, desalination plants and operators, real estate companies, agricultural companies, and all others who are able to see this future should attend.


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